ESA BIC is aimed at entrepreneurs who develop applications and services with a space connection, i.e:

  • that use space-based systems (such as satellite navigation, earth observation or satellite communication);
  • that use space technologies in a non-space domain (spin-outs);
  • and/or that develop innovative products and services for the space sector.

Already established start-ups (less than 5 years old), or informal groups that commit to founding a start-up if selected, can apply.


The ESA BIC Open Call for Applications is permanently open.

However, applications are selected and evaluated periodically according to deadlines published on this website.


Please note: we strongly suggest to contact us to receive more details about the programme and introduce your business venture.

  • To apply to the Open Call, you must download and read the following ESA BIC Brindisi Application Package.
  • Fill out the documents in the Application Package, that include:
  • Cover Letter and Requirements Checklist
  • Business Plan
  • Incubation Proposal
  • Related Annexes

Submit your applications within the next deadline through the Application Form

How the proposal will be evaluated

The evaluation will be performed in two steps:

  • The first phase of the evaluation process will verify the compliance with the criteria set out in the call by a Tender Opening Board (TOB)
  • Startups passing the first stage will pitch their idea in front of the Tender Evaluation Board (TEB), a committee composed of representatives from ESA, ASI, and ESA BIC Brindisi
  • In the event that you are selected, you will sign the incubation contract and get ready to start the programme!