Who can Apply?

ESA BIC is aimed at entrepreneurs who develop applications and services with a space connection, i.e:

  • that use space-based systems (such as satellite navigation, earth observation or satellite communication);
  • that use space technologies in a non-space domain (spin-outs);
  • and/or that develop innovative products and services for the space sector.

Already established start-ups (less than 5 years old), or informal groups that commit to founding a start-up if selected, can apply.


When to Apply?

The ESA BIC Open Call for Applications is permanently open.

However, applications are selected and evaluated periodically according to deadlines published on this website.

How to Apply?

Please note: we strongly suggest to contact us to receive more details about the programme and introduce your business venture.

  • To apply to the Open Call, you must download and read the following ESA BIC Brindisi Application Package.
  • Fill out the documents in the Application Package, that include:
  • Cover Letter and Requirements Checklist
  • Business Plan
  • Incubation Proposal
  • Related Annexes

Submit your applications within the next deadline through the Application Form

How the proposal will be evaluated

The evaluation will be performed in two steps:

  • The first phase of the evaluation process will verify the compliance with the criteria set out in the call by a Tender Opening Board (TOB)
  • Startups passing the first stage will pitch their idea in front of the Tender Evaluation Board (TEB), a committee composed of representatives from ESA, ASI, and ESA BIC Brindisi
  • In the event that you are selected, you will sign the incubation contract and get ready to start the programme!